When we are unable to do the things that we normally do, day in, day out like going to work in a particular place, seeing particular people, travelling a particular route, going to the gym, cinema, pub, club or whathaveyou, it is very difficult to come to terms with those things being removed at a stroke. There is always a danger of overdoing things when working at home, as well as the nagging feeling that you may be coming slightly unglued.

This forum will welcome your suggestions for keeping it all together and maybe even enjoying the time out of the rat race.
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Running a small business can be bad for your health. Does any of this sound familiar? Working long hours and neglecting to eat, then grabbing the most convenient and satisfying thing you can find, often late at night? Missing out on exercise due to a punishing workload? Not sleeping well as tomorrow's jobs keep creeping into your head and keeping you awake? Spending too long sitting badly in an office chair designed for someone that doesn't even resemble you? Not really relaxing when you finally get some time to yourself?

If any of that is you, now may come as a blessing in disguise. Being forced to cut down working hours, having restricted travel possibilities, being cooped up with family, all can be positive opportunities to benefit your health. With the current difficulties in obtaining supplies at the shop, meals have to be planned and shopped for specifically. That is one action that many say is vital to promote health, by eating regularly, smaller portions and food made from fresh ingredients, weight can be more easily controlled, many people find energy levels increase and time spent with family, preparing and cooking meals can distract from the business and problems of the day.

Simple exercise can be enjoyed in the home and can become a part of the family routine. While we are allowed an hour to go out and walk, with or without canine company, take it. Walking is great exercise and very gentle on the joints.

I've lost 1.2Kg in the last 15 days without suffering, and feel better all round. Anyone care to join me?

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