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Why worry?

Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2020 11:53 pm
by nhcbr900
My dear old mother used to say "If you worry you die, if you don't worry you die. So why worry?". I believe she had the best plan too. Worry is a negative, draining emotion that contributes nothing to the solution of a problem, it just magnifies the hill that you have to climb, and can make it look impassable.

Worry can also lead to stress, which is recognised by the people in white coats who blame it for a huge number of deaths every year worldwide. Perhaps the phrase "If you worry, you die sooner" would have been appropriate.

So, how to stop worrying when we are on lockdown, there are no customers buying anything and money is tight? If I knew the answer to that question, I would probably have become very wealthy by now. Sadly I don't. I also believe that there are as many answers as there are worried people. If you are one of the clever ones who has come up with a method for dealing with this, then please share it here. You never know who you may be helping.