Time for yourself

When we are unable to do the things that we normally do, day in, day out like going to work in a particular place, seeing particular people, travelling a particular route, going to the gym, cinema, pub, club or whathaveyou, it is very difficult to come to terms with those things being removed at a stroke. There is always a danger of overdoing things when working at home, as well as the nagging feeling that you may be coming slightly unglued.

This forum will welcome your suggestions for keeping it all together and maybe even enjoying the time out of the rat race.
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Time for yourself

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One of the hardest things about being forced to work at home is knowing when to stop. There is always a feeling that outside of working hours you aren't really at home and within working hours you aren't really at work. This can be very disconcerting. Making time for the things that are important to you personally is essential. Having a routine, just like any other work routine helps. Setting start and more importantly, finish times for work can settle the mind almost immediately. Take lunch breaks, coffee breaks and particularly screen breaks if you are working with a computer.

Having a threshold to cross can also help. Current thinking belies the belief that when you go into another room and can't remember why, it is an age-related phenomenon. No, current thinking blames this upon 'Threshold Syndrome', where you leave a room that has purpose (a) and go into one that has purpose (b), your mindset immediately changes and you lose the thoughts you had before crossing the threshold.

So it can be with working at home. If the dedicated work area has a threshold, preferably a door to cross in order to enter, it becomes easier to compartmentalise that part of your life and leave it behind, much the same as leaving a fixed place of work to travel home.

Physical and temporal borders can then exist between work time and private time, which can help to make life more comfortable all round.

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