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Reciprocal business

Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2020 1:39 am
by nhcbr900
Taking a look at the supply chain for our businesses may be revealing. Are we buying inefficiently? Could we change suppliers to someone who may give us business in return, or offer us promotion to their network? Could we get better prices/terms/shipping costs by changing sources? Maybe a local provider has been overlooked in the past but could offer better overall value in other ways?

Re: Reciprocal business

Posted: Thu Mar 26, 2020 11:53 pm
by nhcbr900
I often say semi-jokingly that if it wasn't for suppliers and customers, being in business would be easy. The sad part is that it is often too close to the truth for comfort. When both groups comprise businesses bigger than yours, you can become the rope in game of tug-o-war between suppliers who want to be paid on the button and customers who have an army of accountants whose job it is to delay paying their supplier, in this case, you until the courtroom doors are about to swing open.

This enforced period of reduced activity may be just the time to think about from whom we buy the things we need and how we can get more favourable terms.

Money isn't the only currency here of course. The big international stationery store that currently supplies you may not be the best overall value. In the way of more flexible payment terms, lower delivery charges, less packaging used, thus less waste, mutual promotion, lower minimum order quantities or less 'unmissable' offers on things you don't need, a smaller, on the surface, more expensive local provider may just be the way forward when things get back to normal.