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Selling more

Posted: Fri Apr 03, 2020 12:12 pm
by nhcbr900
There is an old saying that there are only two ways to sell more. You can sell more to the customers you have or you can sell what you have to more customers. Very simple, yet very true. This time of inaction is an opportunity to decide which of those paths is going to offer the best return on time when we are out of this crisis. Often, selling more to the customers that you already have is the quickest route to increased business. After all, they have experience of you as a supplier, have trusted you with their business in the past, so there is every reason they may do so in the future.

Also, with the current health crisis comes an opportunity to get in touch with all the people that have dealt with you in the past, or those who have considered it. 'In their own interest for health and safety' is one set of reasons for contacting members of your database that is allowed under all current data protection and privacy laws. There is one chance and one chance only to make this work for you. By sending out a message explaining what you are doing to protect your customers and staff, firstly, you are protecting them by helping to keep safe distance. Secondly, you are showing them that your response to the health crisis is responsible and thirdly, you are reminding them that you are in business.

Adding any promotional material to the message is strictly out of bounds and may raise a complaint to the ICO, but it is not necessary to add anything other than a link through which recipients can subscribe or unsubscribe from your mailing list for future promotions. I really believe that businesses who use every opportunity to keep in touch with their customers will thrive post-crisis. It's worth a try, all it will cost is your time and most of us have more of that than we are accustomed to at the moment.