Hang on in there...

Every time of change is a time of opportunity. Sometimes, the opportunities wear disguises, but if we can help each other see through those to the underlying chances to make our businesses better, faster, stronger (with aologies to Steve Austin) in the future, we will be the ones to flourish when normality is restored.
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This has only one rule and it is the same for all forums in this site. There is no need to repeat it here. Happy networking and remember, you are not alone.
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Hang on in there...

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Even though we can't meet in the way we are used to, can't shake hands, hug or even sit close together, the need for communication is still there if we are going to come out of our corners like champions when the weather breaks.

With so much, some would say too much communications technology at our disposal it should be easy to keep our customers aware that we will still be there for them when this is over, to keep our suppliers in the loop so that they can look forward to doing business with us again, and most importantly, staying close to our colleagues while they may be feeling just as uncertain and uncomfortable s you. Losing touch with this group not only robs you of their company, but also their skills and atitudes, which contribute to success in normal times.

The trick is not to get lost in the welter of communication white noise aimed at us. The reason for the existence of this forum is to give small business people a place 100% dedicated to their situation with regard to the current health crisis. There are no distractions, no advertising and we are trying hard to group the topics in a way that makes it easy to put your thoughts to the group and to read the ideas of others on whatever aspect is giving you cause for concern that day. I hope you find it useful and enjoyable, and maybe meet some nice new people, with whom you can built a lasting friendship when we are liberated.

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